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9 week update by LiquidChaos
9 week update
Welp! We're getting there! Ares is striving, little man while not so anemic anymore he's still fighting this sniffles. He's not as wheezy/wt sounding so much as just sneezing now! His fur even growing in!

(L) Ares (R) Leonidas
20 deviations
I help by LiquidChaos
I help
Little girl trying to help clean Leonidas, he's not feeling good, he's gotten better since this picture but we're still not at a hundred percent
Crazy cat lady starter kit by LiquidChaos
Crazy cat lady starter kit
From left to right,

Leonidas, Ares, and Bear.

This was before little man started to feel bad
There is this amazing woman that I call my Waifu. She's been by my side for almost as long as some of you wonderful people I have know. I honestly don't know how much I can help, but I'll be selling various stuff and alts to try and help her out as well as trying to catch up on some stuff for myself. I'm not going to air our laundry, but it is important enough I will be offering some of my amazing brain children. Yet this is important enough that I let them go as much as its like slicing off body parts. I have some furcadia digos and probably going to be offering up some of the patches I've made over the year as well we'll see if I can't find them all.

Either way, I appreciate the consideration and any help y'all are willing to give.

 * All Sales are final
 * All payment through paypal only. No gold or other means of payment will be accepted.
  * Designs, art and ports are being sold along side all these alts, if you want the port cleared for name a fee    will be added on to cover the cost of it.

 Make me offers, some will have minimum offers only mostly due to the fact these are my babies we can haggle if needed but this is all to help the me and the waifu. I do not know how to price them and every cent counts. 

Crea W Name Tag by Foxipaws

  That's right, Crea W> my oldest toon and most well known character is for sale. Unfortunately the design can't be reused within TGT but if you like her and wnat to do something different with her.. well that's your choice.. I wont settle for anything under $50 for this alt merely for the art and money put into her over the years and it's really hard for me to let go

Some examples
Crea W by KrypticRaven     Crea by ThreshTheSky  

Chaos Theory

My oldest known character to date after Crea, another hard one to let go. Jace
was created with a friend very close friend. Any continued line of story with this character would have to be discussed

with her and this one with have to be a VERY good offer to let go due to the love I have for this character of mine.

Portrait Sketch_ Jace by BlackBirdInk     Celtic Cowboy port by sparki   Couple Port - Chaos and Naida by sparki


My first attempt so long ago of a slave character, Ayme is unique for herself and has a lot of history as well. However she doesn't get much action anymore and can pretty much be completely restarted. Best Offer, no less than 20.

Aymelek by danielleclaireVday Port - Qiang and Aymelek by spellplague Vday Port - Qiang and Aymelek by spellplague

Some lesser known


No site available, other pictures

Portrait Sketch_ Acca by BlackBirdInk  Couple Port - Acca and Dio by sparki



Ported with one piece
Portrait Sketch_ Besim Oghuz by BlackBirdInk


Ported No site


As the name state, pony boy. No site avaiable
Dusk - Commission by clover-teapot


Ported, No site


Ported, site

Seeking, Destroying, Branding, CT

No port, but name

Just to list a few

Furcadia items, with cooldown/availabity --Has cool downs on them, if interested please talk to me and I will tell you when they are available

* Direhound
* Unicorn
* Flooki
* Panooki
* Purrwing -- On hold 
* Gargoyle

Thank you for even taking the time to read or even consider helping out. It means a lot. <3

Love you all,

Temporally on hold; resumed after.

Looking to buyLifers items from furcadia, reasonable prices please.
Noble Feline
Noble Canine
Prime Wing
(Or whatever damn wings needed to make the winged nobles. Note or message whatever)


LC or Shadow Walker
United States
Stop leading me into temptation, I'm tired of backing up from purgatory.

I'm never sure what to put here, I have always found talking about myself to be an awkward and hugely uncomfortable thing. Things of importance:

* I am an old soul

* I face depression regularly

* Most of my life was hell up until I was 25

* I do not like most rap

* It's not hard for me to drop people who bring me drama, no matter how close we might be.

Just some generals. Whatever. I don't even know. Time to go harass the world

Current Residence: Bopping around in Georgia :D
Favorite cartoon: character: Mighty mouse
Personal Quote: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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