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Excited, first tattoo soon. Thinking of holding a contest again yoo
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Our love story isn't a traditional one.  It is a long and hard road of pain and more pain in truth. But, I regret nothing. I couldn't help it the moment I saw her all those years ago, watching her as she moved to the traditional gyrations of our people. Her eyes alight with fire and her soul singing through the roll of her hips and the sway of her arms. My breath literally stopped in my chest so long I actually almost fainted when her dancing had her pause in front of me. The life and vibration I saw in her eyes, burned to the very core that was me and the addiction flowed through my veins. Like opium smoke her scent drew through my noise and nearly had my eyes rolling up into my head, but like the hunter I was I had to wait for her to leave the circle. To escape the protection of her family and be close enough to those who were mine. After all all romas throw a party when we meet upon the road, for all romas are family even when broken down into clans...but I digress.  I stalked her. I stalked her like the wolf I was, watching her go to the river to cool her heated flesh. My mouth watered even she would dip and drag water to her mouth and in that instant I had to have those lips on me. Her touch in my flesh and her blood.. I don't even think she knew what hit her, something sparked or I am sure she would have cried to her family to save her. Those bare skin the curve of her ass, I had to trace it. Touch it even as I was dragging her mouth to mine and loving upon those lips with a passion that screamed mine.. and then I found her neck and the sound from her lips...I bit.

The things that came after...were not pretty. I still bare the feel of her teeth and the scars of her nails in my flesh. Yet, we couldn't stop ourselves, there was definitely something bigger that night that possessed us. Even as the hours flew by and we heard voices calling ot us, we were lost to each other. Until the rising of the moon the next day, and I wathced her unfold. The beauty of her eyes and the feel of her fur as our wolves came to meet each other and she was mine. Sadly, if it hadn't been the feel of my seed would have impregnated her with the disease that flooded my bones. I didn't knot that then, I was a younger wolf then. That is a different story, but those two days and nights were the most precious thing I will ever claim. We gave so freely and ran so hard it was like we could fly in the night, I taught her how to hunt upon four legs, and then to run upon two. She was so beautful this Miska mine.. And we loved. I bear the scar of teeth and claws over my heart on both side, like she wanted to try and crawl within cavity...and I let her. It has stayed with me for years, and I remind myself even as I have to find her each time over the years that followed and chase her. It was worth it all. I am my beloved..and you better believe she is mine.
I am my Beloved
Something I wrote up about mine and :iconflamedrop: characters that aren't even created yet.. it's something we've been discussing and honestly I just had fun writing it and considering it's one of the few story blurs I've written in a while it was fantastic to do so.

I might write more, we'll see. For now it stays a Poem style, and if I write more it might become a story who knows!
FREE ART!!!Comment with your character ref and spread the word!!! Please! I am making free art and hopefully friends along the way! :)
I will choose one or a few, who knows! ;)
Time to be more active here like I always wished I was!

Completely worth the stop by and look if nothing else. I really like the few pieces I saw just browsing, and well it doesn't hurt to look at something new either does it? :)


LC or Shadow Walker
United States
Stop leading me into temptation, I'm tired of backing up from purgatory.

I'm never sure what to put here, I have always found talking about myself to be an awkward and hugely uncomfortable thing. Things of importance:

* I am an old soul

* I face depression regularly

* Most of my life was hell up until I was 25

* I do not like most rap

* It's not hard for me to drop people who bring me drama, no matter how close we might be.

Just some generals. Whatever. I don't even know. Time to go harass the world

Current Residence: Bopping around in Georgia :D
Favorite cartoon: character: Mighty mouse
Personal Quote: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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